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Welcome to Virtù

The Virtù brand is the creation of a highly ethically based company, priding itself on the quality of every aspect of its product base. Using unique manufacturing technology and 100% natural ingredients, the Virtù coffee syrups, and associated products, provide unrivalled excellence.

Delicious in your coffee, tea, desserts, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic and non-alcohol cocktails or your favourite recipes.

  • 100% natural
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Free from artificial colourings
  • Free from artificial flavourings
  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Certified by the Vegan Society
  • Environmentally sound product
  • Nut flavourings contain no allergens
  • Nutritional and microbiological certification
  • Made with a low Gi (-35) fruit extract sweetner
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Virtù Ecoware

Virtu supply a huge range of fully compostable tableware items made from renewable crops, compostable and biodegradable catering supplies, and a unique range of janitorial items including the award winning Bio D cleaning product range.

Materials include corn starch or potato starch (renewable crops) as a plastic product/coating substitute (PLA).