Lacey: the new Musical sensation for 2013!

She’s got what others envy - Great melodies! Wondrous lyrics! Clever backing! Dynamics! Vocal range! And an enticing style that shows fire, creativity, subtlety, emotion, and complete brilliance! The music and video pages tell no lies! Read Lacey's full biography.

Lacey's Music

Lacey has an amazing voice with a unique sound that is beautiful, soothing, relaxing, sensual and memorable. Listen to samples of music from Lacey's first two albums.

Lacey's Videos

Lacey is the full package. She not only has a 'World-Class Voice' but has first rate videos to match. Watch her videos that match songs from her albums.

Lacey's Images

She sounds great and she looks great. Lacey is a complete all round package. View Lacey's image gallery.